A Podcast to Inspire Your Business's Path Forward

The Smart Route podcast is all about capturing that essence of innovation and charting the unique journeys that business owners take. With a focus on customer storytelling and connecting with industry thought leaders to discuss innovative ideas at the intersection of marketing, customer experience, and sales, our hope is the Smart Route podcast will inspire the listener’s business’s journey forward.

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“Show Me the Receipts”: Getting Your Brand Mission, Vision, and Values Right for 2024

Is your brand living up to its promises? Today’s customers crave realness – and they reward brands that deliver. Discover how redefining your brand mission, vision, and values can help you succeed in 2024.

What We Get Wrong About Google Ads, Analytics, and AI

Find out why spending less on Google Ads is a bad idea, how unsexy brands build customer loyalty, and how AI will make human creativity more valuable in this conversation with Kasim Aslam.

The Rise of SaaS Marketplaces

Why be just a software when you can be a whole platform? Online marketplaces, where companies showcase products, partnerships, integrations, and services (think Etsy and Salesforce), are proven to drive customer retention and product value. Discover how marketplaces can give your customers a more comprehensive, buildable, and personalized experience in our newest episode of Smart Route.

Is AI Going to Steal My Job?

Goldman Sachs estimates that AI could replace 300 million full-time jobs. But before you panic, join AI enthusiast and Social Strategy Director, Jeff MacDonald, as he explores how AI will change the way we do our jobs and may actually help us be more human—not less.

Make Imposter Syndrome Your Superpower

Can you show up as your whole self to work? If the answer’s “no,” discover how to manage self-doubt, reclaim your presence of mind, and turn insecurities into assets in this down-to-earth, data-driven talk with executive leadership coach Jen Coken.

Meet The Host

Courtney Tyson 

Strategic Partnership Manager, CallTrackingMetrics

Courtney Tyson has spent her career in the media and SaaS worlds, collaborating with marketers and communicators at top corporations and brands. Her passion is partnering with our clients to best understand their business objectives and personal wins in order to help drive success.