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A Podcast to Inspire Your Business's Path Forward

The Smart Route podcast is all about capturing that essence of innovation and charting the unique journeys that business owners take. With a focus on customer storytelling and connecting with industry thought leaders to discuss innovative ideas at the intersection of marketing, customer experience, and sales, our hope is the Smart Route podcast will inspire the listener’s business’s journey forward.

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Becoming Values-Driven: Br8kthru’s Fine Dining Approach to Their Agency Model

What would happen if you treated your customers the way Michelin Star restaurants do? Find out from the award-winning agency that does in our newest episode of Smart Route.

Expand Your Audience Reach with Audio Ads

Today’s average American sees between 6,000 and 10,000 ads a day. So how can your target audience possibly remember your campaign? Audio advertising. Join Eric Yang of AudioGo and host Courtney Tyson to learn how audio marketing can make you 220% more memorable than a TV ad.

Goodbye SEO! Rank and Convert Everywhere with DMO

SEO is officially outdated. Market better and drive long-term brand success with Digital Media Optimization (DMO), a new, holistic method to appear and rank in search results on every platform. Learn from Myrna Daramy, DMO Expert and entrepreneur, as she guides us through a strategy-first approach to content that prioritizes accessibility, develops your “digital home,” and achieves conversions across platforms.

Scaling Your Business: Transitioning from a Startup to Growth Company

When Laure and Todd Fisher first began CTM, they never imagined they would transition their business from a home-based startup to a $30 million dollar growth company with over 70 employees in just 10 years, without investors. But they did, and now have some practical takeaways for other businesses on the cusp of a similar transition.

How to Grow Your Business with Profitable PPC Advertising

In this episode, John Horn of StubGroup and CTM’s Strategic Partner Manager, Courtney Tyson, discuss three things that make or break a PPC ad campaign, the impact of consumer privacy on marketing innovation, today’s biggest challenges in ad targeting, and how to maximize digital ad returns in an internet without cookies. 

Meet The Host

Courtney Tyson 

Strategic Partnership Manager, CallTrackingMetrics

Courtney Tyson has spent her career in the media and SaaS worlds, collaborating with marketers and communicators at top corporations and brands. Her passion is partnering with our clients to best understand their business objectives and personal wins in order to help drive success.