Remove the Guesswork from Call Routing

Lead routing tools to achieve meaningful conversations without sending callers through a maze of transfers

Flexible Call Management Features 

Achieve Maximum Value, with the Fastest Resolution and Greatest Customer Satisfaction

Marketing teams spend a lot of time and resources creating experiences to drive conversions. What happens after someone converts? CallTrackingMetrics is built to go beyond the marketing to sales handoff, and create advanced routing options for quick follow up, more personalized experiences, and ultimately better conversations. 

Tailor your call routing to:

  • Expedite your lead follow up
  • Segment callers based on intent
  • Distribute leads to a dispersed team 
  • Automate changes based on schedules

Basic Call Forwarding

Easily send a call to a cell phone, office phone, or wherever your team needs to answer

Custom Routing

Build interactive voice menus (IVRs), custom queues, and more to give your callers a personalized experience

Omnichannel Routing

Inbound SMS, chats, and more. Conversations happen everywhere. You’re covered across the board with our lead routing tools

Put the Control in Your Callers’ Hands

Welcome your callers with a friendly greeting you’ve uploaded, then give them the roadmap to let them select where to go next.

What Are IVR Menus?

Interactive voice response (IVR) menus interact with callers through either the use of voice or keypresses.

Sophisticated Routing for Teams of Any Size

Efficiently distribute inbound communications to your team, or many teams. Spread out the calls evenly, distribute by weights based on defined criteria, or even ring the whole queue at once.

Provide Local Assistance, Automatically

Don’t get slowed down transferring between multiple locations and nationwide service areas. Build geo-based routing rules to instantly connect callers with the most relevant location. No hassle and no wasted time.

Blue map with phones connected in a diagram showing where calls are being routed.

Conditional Routing Based on Anything

Every day is different, and so is every caller. Tailor each experience with easy-to-update and endlessly customizable smart routing. Set up a rules-based flow based on factors like site visits, demographics, or caller history.

How CallTrackingMetrics Uses the Smart Router

Take an inside look at how we use our own routing features at CTM

See CTM’s Robust Routing Options in Action and How They Complement Our Full Conversation Analytics Suite