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How 10xfive Increased Their Call Center Answer Rate by 20%

by CallTrackingMetrics

Looking for a Solution

10Xfive, a fast-growing agency based in Atlanta that manages the marketing, sales, and support efforts for companies such as Aviator, Blusion, 101Mobility, and a 160-location franchise system, was on the hunt for an all-in-one phone provider for their inbound and outbound sales center when they first came upon CallTrackingMetrics. They were looking to improve their call center answer rate and increase customer satisfaction.

At the time, they had around 3-5 different vendors providing their phone service, call tracking, call recording and monitoring tools, adding up to a lot of spend and administrative headache managing different contracts — without a channel to consolidate all that data in one place.

Most importantly, they lacked a voice over IP option with their phone provider, which presented a real issue whenever their support agents couldn’t make it into the office and needed to access their tools remotely. Looking for a solution, they visited the International Franchise Association (IFA) conference in 2016 where they met CallTrackingMetrics’ CEO Todd Fisher. Although CTM did not offer a formal contact center plan at the time, it was clear that everything 10Xfive was hoping to streamline and achieve could be done with the service. Little did they know, they were helping lay the groundwork for the CallTrackingMetrics Connect plan offered today.

Woman on phone through headset at work station

“Honestly, our relationship with Todd and CallTrackingMetrics has been invaluable to us,” Cynthia Cassidy, 10Xfive’s VP of Sales Center, shared. “Any kind of feedback we have around features we want to see is met with enthusiasm. The team’s ability to continue to innovate and build the program to fit the needs of their clients has been amazing.”

Building the Relationship

Beyond improving their call answer rate, Cassidy and her team now rely most on the call queues within CallTrackingMetrics, building out sophisticated routing so that calls are directed to the appropriate agents trained to handle the different brands 10Xfive manages. In addition, she shared that, “The ability for our agents to log in from home, and for us to monitor call queues and live agent productivity, has been a no-brainer for us. CTM makes it so much easier to see who’s available. If there’s a live call in the queue, agents can hop in and answer.” Since working with CallTrackingMetrics, they’ve seen their call answer rate increase from 80% to well over 95% — ensuring their clients’ customers are getting the prompt support they need.

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The 10Xfive team has also set up an in-house quality program where they use call recordings to train new agents. Managers use CTM’s live listening tools as well to hop in and help coach agents struggling with challenging calls.

Jon Ostenson, 10Xfive’s Co-Founder and CEO, finds that these customer service enhancements translate into real results across the business as well. “One of our largest clients, that we support with about 170,000 outbound calls and over 70,000 inbound calls per year, has been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85% when speaking to a lead in terms of booking an actual appointment — far above the industry average of 50% and below,” he shared. “The team does this utilizing CallTrackingMetrics’ software.”

“We’ve been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85% in terms of booking appointments — far above the industry average of 50% and below.”

Moving forward, Ostenson and his team are looking for additional ways to get more out of CallTrackingMetrics. “We’ve recently started using CTM as a prospecting tool with one of our clients who is looking to contact all of the business owners in the state of Hawaii. We have been building out the list and then using CTM’s outbound dialer to place calls to business owners. Our agents are set up so that when a call ends, the dialer moves right along to the next one.” CallTrackingMetrics will be on hand to support this effort with tools that drive efficiency and growth for the organization.

10Xfive is an Atlanta-based scalability partner for high growth companies. 10Xfive offers clients a complete marketing team designed to deliver hyper sales growth. Our passionate team delivers full-service marketing and sales solutions, which include Branding, Digital Marketing, Media Buying, PR, an Inbound/Outbound Sales Center and a host of complementary services and strategic partnerships that provide our clients with the ease and confidence of partnering with one entity versus a patchwork of vendors. At 10Xfive we are a values-driven company. In everything we do, we strive to live out our five core values: 1. Act as One Team, 2. Be an Entrepreneur, 3. Think Big and Act Fast, 4. Lead with Stewardship, 5. Exceed Expectations.