Professional Services to Fine Tune Your Solution

Let’s work together so you can find value from call tracking sooner

Implement in weeks, not months

When you invest in call tracking, it’s important to position your business for success from the start. Our professional services team offers an effective combination of industry best practices and deep product knowledge to ensure you maximize return on your investment and get your team up and running quickly.

All new plans come with complimentary onboarding from our team.

Draft your blueprint for success

Endless tracking number options to satisfy your business needs

From the moment you become a customer, our number one priority is helping you achieve your goals. We’ll work together to think, create, develop, and deliver in a way that accelerates your growth and transforms the way your organization interacts with customers.

We provide full onboarding and migration support, as well as project-based guidance, and have worked extensively with clients across hundreds of industries to achieve results.

Explore Fast Track Packs

Let our team do the heavy lifting for you. We offer special packages, called Fast Track Packs, that outline all the work we can take on so you don’t have to.


Get started with a 30-day custom onboarding to identify your goals and build out your account to meet those immediate objectives.

Priced at $2,000


Tailored onboarding to set your remote team up for success, configuring essential tools like the cloud-based softphone.

Priced at $3,950


Dive deeper into complex routing, tags, and workflows for your organization with additional optimizations, testing, and evaluation before launch.

Priced at $5,950


Train your organization for long-term success and have free range to configure as many advanced integrations and customizations as you need.

Priced at $12,500

What comes with a Fast Track Pack?





Guided porting process
250 numbers included
500 numbers included
1500 numbers included
2500 numbers included
Testing of dynamic number insertion
Up to 5 sites
Up to 1 for each sub-account
Up to 1 for each sub-account
Up to 100 sites
Creation of custom tracking sources
Up to 5 sources
Up to 5 sources
Up to 25 sources
Google Ads/Analytics set-up
Up to 1 account
Up to 5 accounts
Up to 25 accounts
Up to 50 accounts
Configure advanced routing
Call Queues (up to 1)
Call Queues, Smart Routers, and Geo Routes (up to 25)
Call Queues, Smart Routers, and Geo Routers (up to 25)
Group training sessions
Up to 2 virtual sessions
Up to 2 virtual sessions
Up to 5 virtual sessions
Starting at $2,000
Starting at $3,950
Starting at $5,950
Starting at $12,500

In our customers’ words

Discover why our customers have found working with our Professional Services team to be so valuable

Custom solutions to match your goals

Need help with a particular project or initiative? Let our team guide you towards the best solution. We’ve partnered with customers around the world to execute complex tasks, such as configuring geo-routing for businesses with hundreds of locations and numbers, to save you the headache.

Sample projects for customers like you

Outbound Dialer guidance

Salesforce integration

Google integrations

Advanced call routing

Geo-routing setup

Customize softphone

Product support on your terms

Standard Support

All CallTrackingMetrics customers have access to basic troubleshooting support via email, phone, and chat. Free live and on-demand training resources are also available in our Launchpad Training Hub.

Dedicated Support

If your business relies on guaranteed response times, 24x7 support, and proactive account monitoring, we have a support plan built for you.

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