CallTrackingMetrics Conversation Intelligence Platform and Grasshopper Alternative

Complete Marketing Attribution and Contact Center Solution

Gain Valuable Call Insights

Choose from 1000s of local and toll-free business phone numbers

If you're in search of the best overall call tracking software on the market — and a great alternative to Grasshopper — then CallTrackingMetrics is the solution for you. CallTrackingMetrics call tracking software offers the unbeatable combination of a flexible feature set, robust reporting, and an affordable price. Purchase phone numbers, gain valuable call insights, and take action based on this newfound data. Looking for more than just basic phone functionality? Our in-depth call reporting provides valuable insights into all of your communications, and helps you identify exactly which campaigns are driving calls and conversions. And, leverage our ROI reports to forecast marketing budgets by analyzing the channels that are producing the most revenue. Buying phone numbers in CallTrackingMetrics is simple, with local and toll-free numbers available in more than 50 countries. Our platform also integrates with top marketing and analytics tools for total workflow efficiency. With plans starting at just $39/month, there’s never been a better time to take your call tracking efforts to the next level. Unsure which plan suits your needs? View a full plan comparison or sign up for a free 14-day trial—no credit card required.

CallTrackingMetrics has:

  • Choose from both local & toll-free numbers

  • Numbers available in 80+ countries

  • Free 14-day trial

  • Text messaging capabilities

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Keyword-level tracking

  • Call recordings and whispers

  • Score and tag calls

  • Google Adwords integration

  • Call triggers (automated events based on call criteria)

  • Multi-channel attribution

  • Comprehensive product support resources

Powerful Features & Capabilities

Learn more about your phone calls with advanced tracking and attribution.

Choose from 1000s of local and toll-free tracking numbers for locations around the globe.

Capture key details from conversations automatically. Instantly categorize and score calls based on patterns.

Real-time, powerful reporting provides total visibility into marketing campaign performance.

Dynamically route incoming calls based on custom rules about the caller such as online activity, & demographic data.

Simple Pricing, Powerful Plans

All plans include unlimited users and robust reporting analytics

Performance Plan

Great for Small Businesses
billed monthly + usage Sign Up

Growth Plan

Great for Advertising Agencies
billed monthly + usage Sign Up

Connect Plan

Great for Contact Centers & Lead Sellers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to select a plan right now?
No, we currently have a free 14-day trial so that you can try out our software before signing up. You can also choose to schedule a demo with one of our sales representatives to get a comprehensive look at what CallTrackingMetrics offers.

Can I estimate usage costs?
Yes, you can get an idea what your typical monthly usage costs might be by trying out our pricing calculator. Simply enter your anticipated usage amounts (numbers, minutes, etc.) into the calculator to view an estimated monthly price.

How does billing work?
When you create your account, you will enter a credit card that is used to fund your CTM available balance. This balance funds your numbers, minutes, monthly software fee and any other premium services you choose to activate. When your balance falls below a specific amount, we will automatically recharge it to your requested amount.

Will I be able to change plans later?
Absolutely, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan at any point. We know your business is unique, so we have designed three different plans to help accommodate all needs. If you change plans in the middle of a billing cycle, you will be prorated to reflect the time you still had left in your original plan.


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