Agencies, Affiliates, and Resellers

Provide your clients with valuable call tracking tools to manage their businesses

Customized Account Structures and Access Levels

Access all client accounts under one login

Agencies can access all of their client accounts under one login and easily transition between them. They can also provide their clients a variety of user access levels so that they can view reporting and leverage different features within the account. With a number of options to manage client billing and usage, agencies can choose to pay for clients directly, have the client pay for it, or set marked-up rates and manage payment through our Stripe integration.

Services Designed for Agencies and Resellers

White Labeling

Our Marketing plan provides different options to white label our platform and make it consistent with your agency branding. You can choose to white label on our domain or yours. Included in the white label is the customization of reports, email alerts, and help pages. Give your agency and your customers the tools they need to always stay on top of their campaign performance.

Agency Level Reporting

See how campaigns are performing at a macro level across all clients. Our real-time agency dashboard shows agency call volume, cost, revenue, and campaign performance so that they can quickly spot issues and drill down by client view. Send call data into top marketing and analytics platforms through integrations with Google Analytics, Adwords, Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and more.

Customized Client Reporting

Customize agency call tracking reporting to be consistent with your agency's communication cadence and the preferences of your customers. Provide the level of detail that your clients need to understand the performance of their campaigns. You control the frequency, the content, the recipients, and white label the look and feel of the reports with your own branding.

Arm Your Clients With Valuable Information

Beyond reporting on advertising campaign performance, CallTrackingMetrics provides tools to give your clients incredible visibility into what's happening on their phone calls:

  • Real-time call reporting give clients critical information about how their calls are being handled through features like call recording, live listen, scoring, and conversion tracking.
  • Our keyword spotting engine can automatically sends alerts and tag calls for reporting.
  • Our FormReactor® and text messaging services allow them to streamline and automate those communication flows.

Affiliate Program

Prefer to take a hands-off approach and be an affiliate? Become a CallTrackingMetrics affiliate and get a link that is yours to share. Everyone who signs up using your link will earn you 10% of what they pay CallTrackingMetrics across the lifetime of their account.

Step 1

Apply to become a CallTrackingMetrics affiliate so you can start promoting our services to your clients.

Step 2

Start promoting CallTrackingMetrics using your affiliate link and use our selling tools to help your conversations.

Step 3

Your referrals sign up for CallTrackingMetrics accounts and spend money on the services.

Step 4

You earn 10% of everything they spend across the lifetime of their account. You get paid every month via PayPal.


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