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CallTrackingMetrics was born out of a vision our co-founders had while working at an agency; so as you can imagine, we know a thing or two about the tools that are going to deliver you and your team the most value.

We were designed with agencies like yours in mind and have continued to evolve our platform so that you can attribute and manage your calls according to your clients’ needs.

Design your own agency structure

We make it simple to create sub-accounts for different clients and customize the pricing, features, and reporting those clients see. Access all of your client accounts under one login and swiftly transition between them as needed. You can grant your clients a variety of user access levels so they can access reporting and leverage different features, completely under your purview.

Go full white label

Maintain your agency’s style and branding within our software using our custom white label option. You can even display your own domain name so clients don’t experience any disconnect from working with you and your team. You decide what reports, email alerts, and help pages your clients see.

Billing on your terms

With a number of options to manage client billing and usage, you can choose to pay for your clients directly, have your clients pay directly, or even set marked-up rates and manage payments through our integration with Stripe.

Reporting that works for you and your clients

We make it easy to monitor performance for all your campaigns and clients. Quickly spot issues and drill down by client view using our real-time agency dashboard that shows agency call volume, cost, revenue, and campaign performance at a glance.

Customized client reporting provides the level of detail your clients need on your terms. You control the frequency, content, recipients, and even the look and feel of the reports that go out to your clients, so you can deliver only the data they need to know without any additional noise.

Our reports provide the unique benefit of including all of the communication channels you’re using to drive engagement, such as form submissions and texts.

Learn why agencies love us

Start delivering more conversions like Black Propeller, one of our agency partners who discovered that integrating CallTrackingMetrics into their clients’ marketing campaigns increased conversions by up to 30%.

“Marketing without call tracking isn’t much different than gambling.”

—Black Propeller