Call Tracking Software for Agencies, Affiliate Networks and Lead Resellers

Providing you the reporting, white labeling, reselling, and routing tools you need to impress every client and demonstrate return. Walk into every meeting knowing exactly what's working and provide your clients valuable new tools to manage their business.

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Agency Account Structures

Agencies have the ability to create sub-accounts within a master account so that clients can access their own reporting.

Various user role types and access controls gives agencies the ability to fine-tune what clients can access.

Agencies can choose to pay for each client's costs directly, have the client pay for it or set marked up rates and charge the client through our Stripe integration.

White Labeling

Make CallTrackingMetrics an extension of your agency's great brand. Our software makes it very easy to white label and host on your domain. Customize all of your reports and scheduled emails so that your team and your clients are always on top of the latest performance.

Use our integration with Stripe to bill your clients automatically at the rates you choose or choose to export billing data to invoice using your own system.

Flexible Access Levels

Each agency likes to configure the features and reports that they would like their clients to use. Choose to give clients access to just particular reports you want them to see. Select from a variety of user access levels and fine tune access even further by location, advertising campaign etc.

The system also give you the ability to enable and disable certain features like texting and outbound calling so that you can keep a close eye on the costs of each particular client.

Agency Level Reporting

Agencies want to be able to see how their campaigns are performing at a macro level across their clients. Our real time dashboard shows you call volume, cost, revenue and campaign performance so that you can quickly spot issues and drill down into the client by client view.

Plus you can export reports at an agency level that give you key metrics for your own internal reporting and billing at the agency level and the client level.

Customized Client Reporting

  • Adjust reporting to be consistent with your agency’s communication cadence and the preferences of your customers.
  • Provide the level of detail that your clients need to understand the performance of their campaigns.
  • Would you like emails to go out to clients after each call? At the end of each day? Each month?
  • You control the frequency, the content, the recipients, and you can even white label the look and feel of the reports with your own branding.
  • Use Call Tracking for All of Your Marketing Attribution

    Allocate tracking numbers to every advertising channel so that you can prioritize the campaigns that are performing.

    Call Tracking & Attribution for Marketing

    • Google AdWords
    • Google Organic
    • Social media
    • Angie's List
    • Yelp
    • Craigslist
    • Bing Organic and Paid

    Call Tracking for Offline Channels

    • TV commercials
    • Radio ads
    • Billboards
    • Flyers
    • Yard signs
    • Banners
    • Print ads

    Track Calls Down to the Keyword and Ad Level

    We know you track your online campaigns all day, every day, so we ensure that each call is attributed to an exact website visitor and ad click so you can optimize campaigns around calls.

    You will be able to tell your clients exactly how many phone calls each keyword and ad is generating.

    Leverage our easy integration with Google Analytics and AdWords so that calls sync in as events and conversions.

    Integrations: Phone Call Data Where You Need It

    You Advertise and People Call

    Tracking numbers appear dynamically on your website and in all of your offline advertisements. Our call tracking software tracks each call back to the exact website visitor that made the call. This allows you to immediately know details like the ad the caller clicked on, the pages they viewed, the keywords they searched, and the URLs that referred them.

    Calls are Routed and Tracked

    Calls can be routed directly to a landline, mobile phone, or softphone on your browser. Leverage advanced routing options like georouting, IVR menus and call queues to ensure calls get into the right hands quickly. Calls are immediately associated to the correct advertising channel and campaign so you know which ads are working.

    Calls Appear in Your Systems

    Your agents can view all the detail about each call in the CRMs they are used to using. Your marketing team can view conversion data in the advertising platforms and website analytics systems they are used to using.

    • Google
    • Salesforce
    • HubSpot
    • Kissmetrics
    • WordPress
    • Marin Software

    Provide Your Clients a Valuable Management Tool

    • By giving your clients access to our software, you are giving them a new level of visibility into their business.
    • Call recordings provide clients with critical information about how their team is handling calls and what customers are calling about.
    • Provide access to the software to front line staff to enter notes, conversions, and ratings for calls, using it like a mini-CRM.
    • Voice analytics can automatically flag management on calls as the system detects them going south, or tag calls focusing on a particular product.
    • Tools like live listen give managers the ability to intervene in ongoing calls when needed.

    Prefer to Take a Hands-Off Approach and Be an Affiliate?

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