Lead Seller Tools

A single platform for all of your needs


As a lead seller, your profitability depends on generating solid leads, making informed decisions about those leads, and distributing them efficiently. Doing all of this in a cost effective manner requires tools—a lead distribution solution with advanced features to help you drive efficiency and hone your lead generation efforts.

CTM’s softphone-based platform can expertly handle your lead distribution while also providing you with other tools that you rely on, including marketing, sales, training, and workforce connectivity.

Lead Tracking, Tagging, and Scoring

CTM assigns customizable tracking numbers to websites, landing pages, and ads to gather campaign source data surrounding your leads as well as information about individual callers, including demographic data, their online activity leading up to making contact, social media information, and more. This data-rich approach to tracking leads helps you identify the quality and specifics of every lead and determine the best possible buyers.

Lead Routing

We take this basic need and create advanced functionality that allows for faster, more intelligent routing. Our advanced call routing features let you direct leads based on parameters that you set, including: queues for different campaigns, client quantity caps, client availability, caller demographics, caller location, or other custom attributes you create.

Billing Management

Choose to bill your clients directly using our exportable activity reports by client, or leverage our integration with Stripe to automatically bill customers. With the CTM platform, custom pricing can be set for each client based on minutes, calls, tracking numbers, text messages, or transcriptions. You can choose how often clients’ cards are billed through Stripe based on the payment schedule you’ve contracted with them—or you can export a CSV file from the CTM dashboard to manually bill buyers through your own internal process.  


To be certain you and your buyers are getting the greatest benefit from your leads and your lead selling strategy, CTM offers robust reporting features including the ability to track and report your return on investment in each campaign. By comparing the data associated with each client, call, the revenue collected, the channels generating each lead, and other relevant factors, you can create an accurate picture of where your biggest profits are coming from as well as where you might adjust your strategy to increase your returns in a given area.  


CTM’s FormReactor feature delivers leads through online form submissions, text messages, or inbound calls in real time by instantly triggering a customizable response to make sure leads are recognized and appropriately routed as quickly as possible.

Smart Dialer

Using the Smart Dialer, lead sellers can automate outbound calls based on customizable rules and milestones to send leads to buyers as quickly as possible. By combining this automation feature with CTM’s FormReactor, you can ensure leads are recognized and acted on as quickly as possible.