White Label the CallTrackingMetrics Platform

CallTrackingMetrics works with many advertising agencies, affiliate networks, and resellers around the world. We offer a number of tools to help these groups remarket the CallTrackingMetrics platform.

White labeling allows an agency or reseller to place their own branding on the CallTrackingMetrics product and gives their clients access to the system on a domain of their choosing. So, an agency’s clients would log in to the system through the agency’s own domain, and every page from the login page to the interior pages is branded with that agency’s logo. It’s a great way to market the service as part of an agency’s offering and a value-add for their clients.

We offer two types of white labeling:

  1. A version included in the advanced plan where the agency would white label on a calltrackingapp subdomain (i.e. mikesagency.calltrackingapp.com).
  2. A paid version that is $49 per month as an add-on to the advanced plan, where the agency would white label on their own domain.

Features of the white labeling program:

  • White label with your own logo
  • Customize the logo and colors on the login page
  • System emails come from your email address or from a calltrackingapp email address of your choosing (depending on which version of the white labeling you are using)
  • Add custom help content for your customers to access in the system
  • Add a customized email footer for system emails
  • Use our integration with Stripe to bill clients at marked up rates for their usage of CTM
  • Distribute call leads to a network of clients and have each client pay for each call received
  • Add an unlimited number of sub-accounts for your clients

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