Dual Channel Recordings

Dual channel recording allows you to record calls in multiple channels in order to simplify both playback and analysis

Easily analyze both sides of the story

Record calls in multiple channels to simplify playback and analysis

If you’ve ever listened to music on headphones and realized that different audio was being played on either side of your head, you were likely listening to a dual channel recording. When used in recording phone calls, you unlock an additional layer of conversation intelligence. While listening to a live or recorded call with dual channel recording, you would hear each party in a separate track. Dual channel recordings are available on any CallTrackingMetrics plan.

What is dual channel recording?

Dual channel recording refers to a specific method of audio recording in which the audio is saved to two separate channels based on the source or speaker. For example, on a standard two-person phone call, a dual channel recording would record the caller and the callee separately on the same audio recording.

How is dual channel recording helpful?

Customize keyword spotting for your specific needs

Separate audio tracks may seem like a small distinction, but it can lead to powerful results. It certainly makes distinguishing between similar voices much easier, but it also helps automate and analyze after the call ends. Using call recording with our keyword spotting feature allows you to trigger actions based on the words spoken on one side of the call. You can analyze only your team’s words to make sure they’re sticking to a call script. Or you can score and tag calls where a prospect requests a ‘demo’ without worrying about the sales agent’s own use of the word ‘demo’ skewing the results. Dual channel call recording gives you the control to customize workflows and provide your team with smarter insights.

See Our Dual Channel Call Recording Enhancement in Action