Keyword Spotting for Automated Voice Analysis

Detect words of intent spoken by your customer and take action on insights learned

Identifying Opportunities with Speech Analytics

Keyword spotting to activate intelligent follow up to your conversations

Take your conversation intelligence to the next level and automatically identify words spoken in your phone conversations to trigger a variety of actions, categorize your calls, or alert you if high priority actions need to be taken. Like many of our features, keyword spotting is very customizable and can be adjusted for the specific phrases you want to watch out for in calls.

What is Keyword Spotting?

Gain valuable consumer insights without lifting a finger

Keyword spotting is a process that identifies certain keywords (words or phrases) within spoken sentences or utterances. Keyword spotting rules can be customized to identify specified words or phrases and then perform custom actions when encountered.

Versatility to Impact Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Customize keyword spotting for your specific needs

Combining keyword spotting, call recording and transcriptions, and our robust trigger-based automation unlocks valuable uses across any team in your organization. Here are a few interesting ways we’ve seen customers using the keyword spotting tool to improve performance in their contact centers:

Lead Scoring

Use your ideal customer profile to score leads automatically based on industry and job function terms used in conversation.

Purchase Intent

Tag calls based on their position in the customer journey by focusing on words at each stage of the funnel, or even automatically mark a call as converted when an agent requests credit card information.

Customer Satisfaction

Easily tag calls for customer satisfaction review, follow up, and reporting. Negative keywords like “angry,” “refund,” or cursing could trigger a notification to a manager to review a call.

Wrong Number

If someone says something like “wrong number” or “wrong company” you can tag the call, remove the website visitor information, score the call with 1 star, or even exclude the call completely.

Agent Scripts

If your call agents are required to follow a script, you can pick out distinguishing words from the script and tag the call accordingly. This way call managers can view the log and see which agents are keeping to the script and which are not, saving them time and effort.

See Our Keyword Spotting Feature in Action