Marketing Attribution and Contact Center Reports

Track calls, agent performance, and visualize calls and conversations with included reporting

From granular data to high-level insights with call tracking reports

Our software combines marketing attribution and call center functionality and allows users to get at the data that matters most to them. Whether you’re a manager or executive monitoring key performance indicators on live monitors, or a strategist drilling down and filtering for precise analysis, our reports are built for your unique point of view.

Monitor contact center performance in real-time

At the individual or team level, stay on top of all key metrics that matter to you and your call center’s performance. Use live dashboards to keep track of activity throughout the day to manage and optimize team productivity and resourcing. Our software gives you the reporting needed to make informed decisions quickly to support your team and customers.

Gain a new perspective on your advertising campaigns

Achieving visibility into often overlooked conversions is at the heart of our call tracking platform. Combining our reliable dynamic number insertion with detailed activity reports opens up campaign data down to the keyword level. See which advertising sources are driving the most conversions, the highest lead quality, or even the highest return on investment.

Capture it all in the activity log

Transform your conversations into a fully functional unified communications platform with the activity log. All of your calls, texts, chats, and online form submissions appear in real-time stream, where you can monitor which campaigns drive inbound contacts alongside demographics, web activity, and other user data. While agents are in active conversations, they can enter notes, tags, scores, and conversion amounts without ever leaving the screen. Automated call reporting notifications offer an additional way to customize your data-driven approach.


Call notifications are customizable alerts that can be sent immediately after a call, or based on a regular time frame, such as weekly or monthly. Common uses for notifications include for missed calls, form submission alerts, specific tracking source alerts, regular call volume reports, voicemails, and time-specific agent reports.

Integrate with your existing reporting and tech stack

Combine our comprehensive data with your existing tools to report on your key performance metrics wherever you need them. Visualize your conversation activity next to your Google Analytics data with our Google Data Studio connector. Or send details into your CRM to provide your teams with crucial sales intelligence. Our team continues to build out our list of integrations, software partners, and developer tools to provide seamless cross-platform data sharing.

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