Advertising Reports for Data Driven Marketing Campaigns

Easy to use reports to get the most out of your marketing campaign dollars

Reporting Built to Fill the Gaps

Call tracking uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) and tracking numbers to give marketers data to geek out about and build a complete picture of the customer journey. Our campaign reports allow strategists to present that data for regular analysis, delivery to leadership teams, or to package up for clients. Filter, drill-down, and find the campaigns (and keywords!) that are truly impacting your business.

The CallTrackingMetrics Activity Report

Start reporting on the data your competitors aren’t capturing. At a glance, know which sources are driving phone calls, chats, texts, and form fills. The activity report provides details on all your conversions, from both traditional and digital advertising campaigns. Create custom filters and scheduled exports to save time and get as granular as needed for your analysis.

There are dozens of ways to view your data including by:

  • Time and day
  • Lead scores
  • Web activity
  • Landing page
  • Campaign source
  • Routing details
real time call center agent dashboard

Paid Media ROI Reporting

Reporting to help you answer the number one question marketers and agencies receive: “What’s the return on investment?” Combine automated conversion scoring with your cost data to provide a complete picture of ROI for your advertising channels. Give your team the tool to optimize advertising performance and prove the value of your services to your leadership and clients.

Get insights into key optimization metrics including:

  • Average score
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per call
  • ROI by source


Strategies and tactics to take your paid media campaigns to the next level without breaking the bank.

Use our campaign reports alongside your existing tools

Combine our comprehensive data with your existing tools to report on your key performance metrics wherever you need them. Visualize your conversation activity next to your Google Analytics data with our Google Data Studio connector. Or send details into your CRM to provide your teams with crucial sales intelligence. Our team continues to build out our list of integrations, software partners, and developer tools to provide seamless cross-platform data sharing.

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