Billable Time Policy

CallTrackingMetrics offers two different types of support:

  1. General Support is included at no additional cost through our subscription plans. Learn more about the features of General Support in our Terms of Service.
  2. Customized Support is offered for additional fees and includes services like Implementation Support and Premium Support.

Implementation Support is an add-on service that provides the Customer with more hands on, customized support for their Account. Implementation Support is billed by the hour (“Billable Time”)

What tasks are billable?

Anything done by CallTrackingMetrics Implementation Support team for the Customer’s benefit is billable time. This can include time spent by the Project Manager managing the project and time spent by any of the Implementation Support Consultants and Engineers.

This includes:

  • Kickoff calls and General Orientation Calls
  • Project management time
  • Time spent by the Consultant to familiarize themselves with the Customer’s project.
  • Account set up, monitoring, research, and testing
  • If Customer requests a specific member of the CTM engineering team to be involved on a call where that engineer was not deemed necessary by the Implementation Team, that additional person’s time will be billed in addition to the implementation support team’s time.
  • Status update calls with Customer.

How Is Billable Time Reported?

The Implementation Support Team tracks all time they have worked on projects and reports can be requested at any time from the Project Manager.

Is Billable Time Rounded?

Yes. For any work done outside of pre-scheduled blocks of time, time is billed in 15-minute increments rounded once daily. For example if two units of work were done, one for 5 minutes and one for 35 minutes, 35 + 5 = 40. This would be rounded up to 45 minutes billable that day.

Are inquiries handled through the General Support Team Billable?

No, if a Customer has an active Implementation Support contract and they contact the General Support team and they are able to resolve the issue, that time is not billable.

However, please know that the scope of the General Support team is limited so Customer should refer to the General Support section of CallTrackingMetrics’ Terms of Service detailing what type of support the General Support team is able to provide as it is much more limited in scope than Implementation Support. If an inquiry is received by the General Support team and it is outside of the scope of General Support and they determine it is better handled by Implementation Support, the General Support Team will escalate the issue to the Implementation Support Team, whose time is billable.

Are Customers Billed for Cancelled Appointments?

No, provided Customer cancels at least two hours in advance. If cancellation is not received at least two hours in advance of the start time of your appointment, Customer will be billed for 15 minutes. Please contact the Implementation Specialist or Project Manager to reschedule as soon as you know you cannot make your appointment.

How is travel onsite to a Customer handled? 

Applies for local or long distance travel time undertaken at Customer’s request

Customer will pre-pay for the expected necessary block of hours needed for work and travel time for the engagement prior to trip.

  • 1 prepaid hour is redeemed for each 1 hour of work performed by each member of CTM consultant in attendance,
  • .25 pre-paid hours are redeemed for each 1 hour of consultant travel time for local or long distance travel.

Customer pays for Consultants airfare, hotel, ground transportation, parking and meals, which will be billed separately at cost after the trip.