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This Isn’t Fantasy, GeoContact Will Help You Win Over Local Customers

by CallTrackingMetrics

Its March! That means that Game Of Thrones is going to start soon! This got us thinking, if there were phones and the internet in Westeros, you know that Petyr Baelish would be using some sort of call tracking.  He may be in some people’s opinion unlikeable, but you can’t say that he’s not smart. He is a businessman, and really do you think he would have survived this long if he was not smart?

So you may be asking yourself “but HOW would such a person use call tracking?” Well I am going to tell you, they would certainly be using all things GEO! If they were a CallTrackingMetrics customer, they would be GeoRouting calls to their different locations. When someone calls from city X, then using our GeoRouting feature, the call would be routed to the office closest to them. The caller would be delighted to be easily connected with someone who is close to them that can help them. Any savvy business person who wanted to line their pockets would be all over this to shorten sales cycles and increase conversions!

Now let’s take this world of make-believe a step further. If there were phones AND the internet in such a fantasy universe, the business person would be most certainly be using our new GeoContact ℠ feature.  GeoContact dynamically swaps the phone number on a business’s website to a phone number that is local to the website visitor- anywhere in the world. Using GeoContact, even though you may have a lot of locations, you can show a phone number that is local to the website visitor and therefore look local, accessible and relevant.

In conclusion, smart business people know how to utilize technology and move the chess pieces. Too many wrong moves and you could end up at a red wedding. If business people in these kinds of fantasy worlds had access to such an advanced feature, you know they would be using it.