Increase Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

Your next great conversation is just a click away

Happy Customers, Happy Support Teams

Who said you can’t make everybody happy? With live chat, you give your support team the tools to work more efficiently and deliver instant, real-time service for your customers in their moment of need. Customers enjoy reduced wait-times and the ability to multitask while getting a more personalized experience.

Why Chat?

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Once considered a “nice to have” feature, live chat is now the preferred communication method for many consumers.

Boost Sales

As much as 83% of consumers require some type of support when making an online transaction. Capture more business by offering chat assistance in their moment of interest and purchase intent.

Save Time and Money

Customer support chats deliver faster service with fewer resources than what it takes to answer phone calls and emails.

Straightforward license pricing starts at $15/month per user. Cancel or transfer individual licenses at any time.

One Unified Communications Dashboard

Manage your calls, texts, form submissions, and chats all in one dashboard. Your team can easily multi-task and switch between conversations without leaving the page. Plus, get powerful attribution data directly alongside your chats to see what campaign inspired the customer to contact you and their previous history of interacting with your brand across multiple service touchpoints, including phone, text, and more.

CallTrackingMetrics chat is also HIPAA-compliant, so you and your clients can rest assured knowing their data is protected.

Personalize Your First Impression with Customers

Truly engage with your customers and share files, GIFs, emojis, and more back and forth using CallTrackingMetrics’ live chat tool. Customize your chat widget with your own colors, as well as canned responses for teams and individuals so you can use your own voice, without wasting precious time typing routine answers to FAQs. The widget is easy to install on your site and you can get up and running in minutes.

Collaborate Across Your Organization

Set up advanced routing rules for chats to go to the right agent and team the first time. If the conversation changes course mid-convo, you can easily transfer to another agent or queue for them to take over. They’ll have the transcript, as well as the customer’s contact record, so they can pick up right where you left off. Agents can even chat directly with one another within the platform to quickly communicate and circulate need-to-know information between interactions.

See Our Live Chat Solution in Action