Over 15 Years of Legal Marketing and Professional Lead Generation Experience on Your Side

ClientClicks is a digital marketing agency that helps solo attorneys, small law firms, healthcare providers, real estate professionals, wineries and other small businesses. At ClientClicks, our team has 15 years of experience helping our clients bring in the business to become successful. We offer a full suite of marketing services including website design, paid marketing on Google and Facebook, display advertising, content creation for specialized niches, search engine optimization, email marketing, video creation, and print advertising. We are different from other agencies in that we are often hired to help businesses come up with a marketing strategy and then train them to implement it themselves. Of course, we’re happy to do it for you as well. We are a big believer in attribution tracking so that we can show you results. Therefore, we are a fan of Call Tracking Metrics which we’ve used since the service became available many years ago. Please contact us for a free consultation.