Porting Numbers

Porting numbers allows customers to use their current phone number on the CallTrackingMetrics system as an advertising call tracking number

Bring your phone numbers to CallTrackingMetrics

Did you know that you can port your phone numbers away from your current call tracking company or phone carrier into the CallTrackingMetrics system so that you can use them as advertising tracking numbers? This is a great way to ensure that you are able to continue to use numbers you have had for a long time and you don’t have to miss out on customers who have those numbers saved.

The process usually only takes two to four weeks and is currently available in the U.S. and over 25 additional countries. It is a simple process to start once you create your CallTrackingMetrics account. We will provide you an exact port over date and your numbers can stay active during the entire process. This allows you to keep your long-standing phone numbers and use them as advertising call tracking numbers.

Common Questions

What is an LOA?

LOA stands for Letter of Authorization and it acknowledges that you have given permission to port your number(s) to CallTrackingMetrics.

Can I still use my numbers during the porting process?

This is typically a seamless transition and the numbers remain active throughout the porting process. However, no tracking data will be available in CallTrackingMetrics until the port is complete.

What proof of ownership can I provide, if I do not have a bill from my carrier?

If you do not have the bill, you can also provide a screenshot of the number(s) in an account or an email from your carrier showing ownership. For Google numbers, you may provide a screenshot of the unlock screen.

The bill that I receive does not list the number(s) I am trying to port. Will this cause any issues?

This should not cause any issues, as long as the account information is present, including: the Carrier’s Account ID, Name on the Account, and Billing Address.

How long does the process take?

For U.S. numbers, the process usually takes between 2-4 weeks. For Canada numbers, it typically takes between 4-6 weeks. International numbers will vary, depending on country/carrier so our implementation specialist can provide an estimation once a formal request has been issued.

Who should sign the LOA?

The owner of the number(s) should be the one to sign the Letter of Authorization to avoid any delays. If you are unsure who the original owner of the number(s) is, your current carrier will be able to provide you with that information.

How will I know once porting is complete?

You will be notified throughout the process as progress is made. We will send an email notifications, and you can check for status updates at anytime by clicking the ‘notes’ column icon on the porting page.