Tracking Numbers

The CallTrackingMetrics platform provides call tracking numbers to track advertising performance in over 30 different countries, offering both local and toll free numbers. True 800 and vanity numbers are available upon request

Local, toll-free, and vanity advertising tracking numbers

Tracking numbers route to your business phone number and are activated in minutes

The CallTrackingMetrics platform provides call tracking numbers to track advertising performance in over 80 different countries, offering both local and toll-free numbers. True 800 and vanity numbers are also available upon request.

Local Tracking Numbers
Local tracking numbers are a great way to have a hometown feel and appearance in your advertisements.
Toll-Free Tracking Numbers
Toll-free tracking numbers are an excellent way to appeal to a national or broad audience.
Vanity Tracking Numbers
A vanity number spells out your business name or service so that callers can remember it and associate it with you.

There’s no long term commitment and numbers can be added or dropped at any time. You can even port your existing numbers to us to use as tracking numbers (U.S. and Canada only).

Tracking numbers are used to track each of your traditional and online advertising channels, so that you always know which ads are performing. The numbers can be placed in your offline ads, or you can use our dynamic number insertion to have your online numbers appear automatically on your website when someone comes through a channel you are tracking.

How Do Tracking Phone Numbers Work?

Tracking (phone) numbers are specific phone numbers — they can be either local or toll-free numbers — that route to business phone numbers. The individual tracking numbers allow marketers to gauge the performance of specific marketing channels and/or campaigns as part of the call tracking process.

As soon as your phone rings, you will know who the caller is, how they found you (including the keywords they used to search you), and what their history is on your website and with your business, so that you can tailor the conversation and be prepared with the best pitch.

Tracking numbers will route phone calls to your business, call center, mobile phone, or computer (using CallTrackingMetrics’ softphone). All your calls can be recorded, transcribed, and analyzed for keywords and are stored securely in your CallTrackingMetrics call log.

Choose from basic to complex routing options using schedules, IVR menus, call queues, or geographic-based routing.

How It Works

Know exactly which ads are driving calls, texts, and form submissions

Step 1

One line of CallTrackingMetrics' tracking code on all the pages of your site does all of the work. No custom URLs or tags needed.

Step 2

Tracking code will instantly recognize the channel and geographic location visitors are coming from and show them the correct phone number.

Step 3

Incoming calls are matched to an exact website visitor. You will instantly know the referring URL, search keywords, landing pages, and ads the caller came through.

Step 4

The tracking code remembers the original advertising channel for each visitor, continuing to show them the same tracking number each time they visit your site.


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