Embed Form On Your Website

Set Routing Preferences For Calls

Website Visitor Completes Form

Your Queue Gets The Call

Agent Connected To Lead

Call Associated To Exact Ad

FormReactors® are more than online forms—they’re an automation tool that can trigger instant communication between you and your customers, from a personalized text message, to an immediate call with a live agent.

What is FormReactor®?

FormReactors® are click-to-call forms that can immediately trigger actions (e.g. a phone call, text, or email) when a form is submitted. FormReactors can be easily embedded on your website, and set up with a variety of response options that will occur as soon as the form is completed.

With CallTrackingMetrics’ native FormReactor® tool, you can streamline all your customer communications in one platform, eliminating the need to use third party form tools. Plus, given that all FormReactor® completions are integrated into your reporting, you can see not only how many calls and texts each of your advertising channels are generating, but also how many form fills they initiate. CTM will associate each form fill with the exact website visitor that completed it, as well as the advertising channel that led to their visit (including campaign, ad, and search keyword). This data, combined with the variety of instant response options that you can customize, makes FormReactor® an incredibly powerful communication channel.

FormReactor® data can also be sent directly to your CRM through our integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics. Unlimited forms are included with our Contact Center plan, and are available for an additional $29 monthly fee with our Marketing plan.