FormReactor®: Insights and Automation from Online Form Submissions

Bring together customer conversations across calls, form fills, and texts

Streamline Your Communications

Integrated reporting for your calls, texts, and form fills

Capture data around all your customer interactions within one platform using FormReactor®. We will associate each form fill with the exact website visitor that completed it as well as the advertising channel that led to their visit (including campaign, ad, and search keyword). Easily visualize and isolate how many calls, texts, and forms each of your advertising channels generate so you can provide the full picture for your marketing, sales, and support teams.

FormReactor® data can also be sent directly to your CRM through our integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics. Unlimited forms are included with our Contact Center plan and our Marketing plan.

Discover the Automation Power of FormReactor®

Immediately trigger contact as soon as a customer indicates interest in your business

Remember that old adage “the early bird gets the worm”? The same thing rings true in business. To earn your customers, you need to get in touch with them quickly before they start shopping other options. Our native FormReactor® tool helps you do that.

FormReactor® is an online form tool built right into CallTrackingMetrics. You can embed our easy-to-use yet powerful forms directly on your website as a way for customers to contact you or indicate interest in your product or service. Since we offer forms as part of our unified communications platform, you can streamline all your phone, text, and form communications in CallTrackingMetrics and eliminate the need to use any third party form tools. Plus, you’ll be able to tie form completions into your reporting, so you can see how your advertising channels are contributing to form fills.

The best part: with our FormReactor®, you can instantly generate an automatic phone call or personalized text message from your team to your customer as soon as they submit your form. This instant communication, partnered with robust data from customers’ form fills, lets you customize and improve the customer experience.

How does FormReactor® work?

Embed Form On Your Website

Set Routing Preferences For Calls

Website Visitor Completes Form

Your Queue Gets The Call

Agent Connected To Lead

Call Associated To Exact Ad

There are endless ways to customize FormReactor® for your business. It starts by embedding a form on your website, then setting up how you want to internally handle a customer’s form submission. You could set up so that your customer gets an immediate phone call from an agent on your team, or they receive a personalized text message with custom fields of your choosing filled in, such as an appointment request confirmation from a doctor’s office. Or, use it as an internal tool for routing tickets to your support team. There are several ways to optimize per your unique business needs.

Discover how one of our franchise partners uses FormReactor® to generate instant text message communications with patients requesting appointments.

Imagine the Possibilities with FormReactor®

Allow patients to book appointments via FormReactor®. CTM can send an automated confirmation text to both the patient and the provider, along with a follow-up email.

Premium Support

Use FormReactor® to send emails that generate tickets for your support team.

Premium 24/7 Support

Clients can send emergency requests, such as water damage or pest infestations, via FormReactors®. Your team is able to connect instantly to provide urgent assistance.

Premium 24/7 Support

Leads can fill out FormReactors® to opt into promotional messaging and automatically be added to an autodialer campaign, receiving a personalized confirmation text to validate.

Want to see FormReactor® in action?