Click-to-Call Forms Tied Back to Advertising Call Tracking

Click to Call Forms

Our FormReactor click-to-call forms are an easy way to wow your customers and leads with fast and efficient follow-through.

Our forms are simple to set up, customizable, and can be associated with a number of call routing patterns to ensure that the lead is immediately connected to an agent.

Form completions are tied back to the original advertising channel that led to the lead so you can optimize marketing campaigns around form completions, just like your calls.

  • Embed Form on Your Website
  • Set Routing Preferences for Calls
  • Website Visitor Completes Form
  • Your Queue Gets the Call
  • Agent Connected to Lead
  • Call Associated to Exact Ad

CallTrackingMetrics click-to-call forms (named FormReactors) can be set up within minutes. You choose the fields you want included, customize the CSS, and decide what you want to happen each time the form is completed. We provide the embed code that will display the form on your website once installed.

As the form is completed, CTM will associate it with the exact website visitor that completed the form as well as the advertising channel that led to the visit (such as the Adwords click, organic search, referring URL, and the search keyword, etc.).

All form completions are integrated into your call tracking reporting so that you can see not only how many calls each of your advertising channels are generating- but also how many forms visitors are completing on your site.

You can choose from a variety of response options to occur when the form is completed. CallTrackingMetrics will:

  • initiate a call to the "Number to Call" (for example: your sales person). The sales person will hear a message asking whether they would like to connect to the website visitor now and can press 1 to connect to the person that completed the form or press 2 to hang up.
  • log the form entry and send an instant reporting notification to the recipients you select so that they can immediately follow up.
  • send an instant text message to confirm the form completion and follow-up steps.