Call Queues

Call queues allow you to route your inbound calls to groups of agents using rules based on schedules, weightings, skills, or caps.

Call queues provide an effective way to route your calls in simple to sophisticated patterns to ensure that all calls are getting into the correct hands quickly. Creating call queues allows you to group agents to receive calls based on your own unique departments. For example, you could have a service queue, a sales queue, and an after hours queue, tailoring your call routing based on who your caller is trying to reach and when they need to reach them.

You can choose to route your advertising tracking phone numbers to call queues. Call queues offer routing options such as:

  • Simultaneous: call each agent in the chosen queue at the same time or in groups based on the weighting provided. The first agent to answer gets the call.
  • Round robin: rotate between each agent evenly so they all get the same number of calls.
  • Sequential:┬ádial each agent in a defined order until someone picks up.
  • Sticky: try to route the caller back to the same agent who was first connected to the caller. This option can lead to excellent customer service and establish great customers relationships.


Each agent can have their own availability schedule and they can alternate between answering calls on their landline, mobile phone, or softphone, depending on where they are. Reporting shows performance by agent so that you can stay on top of call volume, quality, and performance.

Custom Hold and Waiting Audio

Call queues feature custom hold/waiting audio, allowing you to customize the announcements, music, and ring tone you want your callers to hear.

Schedules and No Answers

Call queues can be assigned to custom schedules and allow you to decide how you want to handle the call if no one answers in the queue. For example, the call could roll over into another queue or be routed to voicemail box. This ensures that no call goes unaddressed.

Custom Post Call Surveys

Post call surveys are a great way to score and categorize your calls so that you can keep track of which advertising channels and agents are performing best.

After the call is completed and the caller has hung up, the agents will be automatically prompted to score or categorize the call. For example, they can press 1 to indicate a new lead, press 2 for an appointment scheduled, or 3 for a sale, and then enter the sale value. This information will be accessible in the call log as well as in the reporting, which is a great tool for measuring which agents and tracking sources are making the most sales.