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Multi-Channel Data Monitoring in Real-Time

Blend data from multiple channels into a single report

Whatagraph provides marketers with the ability to aggregate vital marketing campaign data in one place and visualize key metrics, together. Like most marketers today, you’re probably managing several marketing channels, accounts, and campaigns. Savvy marketers use Whatagraph to track progress across all activities and make result-based decisions. Set up KPIs for each marketing channel, track expenses, and see how well you’re achieving your marketing objectives—all in one place.

Using CallTrackingMetrics + Whatagraph

This integration allows you to create cross-channel reports and compare performance metrics from CallTrackingMetrics with other channels, in a single view. Plus, you can deliver these reports to your clients at a selected frequency.

Getting Started

To leverage this integration, users must be on a CallTrackingMetrics Marketing or Contact Center plan, and will need to purchase the Premium or Growth plan on Whatagraph (which also includes over 40 additional integrations).