Phone Numbers

Global, customizable options for your business


A tracking number is a unique number that is assigned to one of your online or offline advertising campaigns. When someone calls that number, you will know the source advertisement that generated the call.

Know the source of every interaction with your customer

CallTrackingMetrics' virtual phone numbers, called tracking numbers, track your advertising channel performance and your customer support interactions so that you can optimize your marketing and call center operations.

As soon as someone calls one of your tracking numbers, you will instantly know who the caller is, how they found you, and what their history is with your business so that you can tailor the conversation and be prepared with the best solution.

Tracking numbers can be used on offline and online sources, so whether you’re investing in radio ads or Google Ads, you’ll gain insight into which campaigns are working and driving calls. Our powerful dynamic number insertion technology lets you dynamically swap tracking numbers on your marketing site based on your visitor’s source, so you can maintain your messaging without sacrificing data and insights.

More than just a set of digits

Your business is unique, and your tracking numbers can be too. We offer endless tracking number options so you can connect with customers around the world or add a splash of personality using a custom vanity number.

Toll-Free Numbers

Appeal to a national audience with a professional toll-free number. We offer true 800 numbers as well as a myriad of other options.

Vanity Numbers

Spell out your business name or service with a custom vanity phone number so that callers can easily remember it.

Short Codes

Send bulk text messages to a large audience instantly with our 5 or 6 digit short code numbers.

Expand your international network

Go global with local numbers and all the call management features you need to scale across the world.

  • Purchase local, toll-free, and vanity tracking numbers in over 80 countries
  • Display phone numbers local to your customers with GeoContact®
  • Automatically GeoRoute calls based on location
  • Answer calls from virtually anywhere through our browser-based softphone

Already own your phone numbers?

Port your existing numbers in no time

We make it easy to port any existing tracking numbers you have into the CallTrackingMetrics platform. Our team is on hand to support the porting process so you can start gathering tracking data from your current phone numbers quickly after making the switch. Plus, you can continue to handle calls through your existing numbers during the porting process.