Phone Numbers

Local and toll-free phone numbers around the globe for marketing and call center tracking

Doing More With Your Phone Numbers

CallTrackingMetrics' virtual phone numbers are used as tracking numbers to track your advertising channels and your customer support interactions so that you can optimize your marketing and call center operations.

What Are Tracking Phone Numbers?

Tracking numbers are individual phone numbers that are used to track specific marketing channels and/or campaigns as part of the call tracking process. Tracking numbers can be either local or toll-free numbers and are typically routed to a business phone number.

The numbers can be used to track traditional advertising campaigns by placing them in your offline ads. Or, you can leverage our dynamic number insertion technology to have your online tracking numbers appear automatically on your website when someone comes through an online campaign you are tracking.

As soon as someone calls one of your tracking numbers, you will know who the caller is, how they found you (including the keywords they used to search you) and what their history is on your website and with your business, so that you can tailor the conversation and be prepared with the best solution.

Port your phone numbers from your existing carrier

Move your phone numbers away from your current call tracking company or phone carrier into the CallTrackingMetrics system so that you can use them as advertising tracking numbers. This is a great way to ensure that you are able to continue to use numbers you have had for a long time and you don't have to miss out on customers who have those numbers saved.

The process usually takes two to four weeks.

Global Connectivity

  • Purchase local, toll-free, and vanity tracking numbers in over 80 countries
  • Display phone numbers local to your customers with GeoContact
  • Automatically GeoRoute calls based on location
  • Answer calls from virtually anywhere, through a browser-based softphone


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