Call-Tracking Service Providing Real-Time Reporting

Know exactly which campaigns are working and what is happening in your call center so that you can respond quickly to issues and keep your eyes on the performance of your organization.

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Agents are Prepared for Productive Calls

Using CallTrackingMetrics’ real-time call log, agents will know who the caller is, their history, and which advertisement they saw as soon as they answer the phone.

Agents will be prepared for productive conversations with access to recordings of previous calls, agent notes, and analytics tags.

Use features like premium Caller ID to identify more detail like email address, physical address, social media pages, and gender of each caller to further customize conversation and follow up.

Real-time Reporting Shows You What's Working and What's Not

CallTrackingMetrics provides the only call tracking software that blends your marketing campaign and contact center performance reporting into one tool, allowing for a complete view of what's generating calls and what's happening with calls once your agents have them.

Your call data is rolled up into an array of different reports that are easy to navigate and understand. They are all exportable, filterable, and schedulable so you get the information you need when you need it.

Agent-based reports
PPC-specific reports
Referring source reports
Agency and client level reports
Usage-based reports
Keyword level reports
Geographic reporting

Let Voice Analytics Do the Reporting for You

Use high quality transcriptions to quickly scan calls and identify points of interest and patterns.

Set up keyword pattern rules and our software watches for calls that meet your criteria using speech to text analysis.

Call sounding like it's going south? Management gets an immediate alert.

Looking to categorize calls based on products mentioned? Set up auto-tagging rules and report filtering is done automatically for you. The possibilites are endless and save management a ton of time in escalation, interpretation, and reporting.

Call recordings are always available and can be used by management or agents to review calls and see caller history.

Get Instant Reporting Alerts

We know how important it is to know exactly what is going on with your sales and service calls no matter where you are.

Set up custom reporting alerts that can be sent in email or text formats.

You choose the cadence that works for your schedule: after each call, daily, weekly, or monthly. Or perhaps you only want to know about missed calls, long calls, or calls meeting a certain criteria based on your keyword spotting rules.

Choose exactly what information you want included and who should receive the alerts.