Call Management

Intelligent call management gets leads into the right hands quickly and effectively so that sales agents can focus on what matters- engaging customers and increasing conversions.

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Call Forwarding Around the World

A critical part of managing your calls is getting them to the right place, quickly and seamlessly. Call forwarding provided by CallTrackingMetrics allows you to send calls to one number or to many agents in 50+ countries. Route them to your agents on landlines, mobile phones, SIP endpoints, or to our browser-based softphone. Set up completely customized forwarding patterns to your agents based on schedule, availability, caller demographics, or advertising campaigns. Keep it simple or make it as advanced as you need.

Ensure complete coverage no matter where your agents are and reduce the complexity and cost of your contact center hardware.

Geographic Routing

Are you a regional or national business or a franchise and want to get calls into the hands closest to the caller? Georouting provides an elegant solution to automatically distribute calls based on the location of the caller. Georouting is completely customized by you and easy to update.

Simply add locations and radiuses for each agent or dealer and then choose routing preferences between them.

  • Route by zip code or area code
  • Set up routing rules for overlapping dealer territories
  • View reporting to show how many calls are routed to each location
  • Upload hundreds of territories at once and make batch updates as you have changes
  • Set up default call routes for when caller is not covered by one of your territories
You have locations all around the country
You display one number on your website
Person calls that number and enters in their zip
Call is routed to the closest location
Calls are in the right hands quickly

Call Queues

Call queues provide an effective way to forward your calls in simple to sophisticated patterns to ensure that all calls are getting into the correct hands quickly. Call queues are groups of agents with rules that determine how calls should be routed between the agents. Each agent can have their own availability schedule, weighting, and preferences and they can switch between answering calls on their landline, mobile, or softphone, depending on where they are.

Agent reporting shows performance by agent so that you can stay on top of call volume, quality, and performance.

IVR Menus

Provide callers with clear options so that they can get to the right person to help them quickly. IVR Menus are easy to set up, completely customized, and can be updated at any time through the software.

Keypresses can route callers to particular queues, to virtual voicemail boxes, and through geographic routing, and can also collect information from the caller and send text messages to them.

Reporting shows you calls broken down by the paths callers follow in the IVR.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing takes call management to the next level by enabling businesses to direct calls based on caller profiles. Conditionally route by:

  • the actions the caller has taken on a website
  • whether they’ve called previously
  • who on your team they talked to before
  • caller demographics like age, email address, marital status, income, and social media pages; and more

Considering the 20% abandonment rate of incoming calls, it's important to get calls answered quickly—by the right person, without menus or hold times.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is increasingly becoming as important a communication channel as phone calls. CallTrackingMetrics text messaging features give you the ability to seamlessly use texting as part of your sales and service campaigns.

  • Receive and send text messages using your tracking numbers
  • Set up automatic triggers to alert you via email or SMS when you receive a text
  • Use auto-responses to immediately respond to text messages that can be customized based on the content of the text
  • Send bulk outbound text campaigns to groups of recipients immediately or based on a schedule
  • View detailed logs of your text message conversations and export them to use for reporting and outreach.

Click to Call Forms

Our FormReactor click-to-call forms are an easy way to wow your customers and leads with fast and efficient follow-through.

Our forms are simple to set up, customizable, and can be associated with a number of call routing patterns to ensure that the lead is immediately connected to an agent.

Form completions are tied back to the original advertising channel that led to the lead so you can optimize marketing campaigns around form completions, just like your calls.

  • Embed Form on Your Website
  • Set Routing Preferences for Calls
  • Website Visitor Completes Form
  • Your Queue Gets the Call
  • Agent Connected to Lead
  • Call Associated to Exact Ad