Call Forwarding with Advanced Routing

Gain the flexibility to forward calls to cell phones, office phones, or other devices.

Never miss a call with customized call forwarding

Our user-friendly software puts call forwarding completely in your control. From basic to complex routing needs, you can set it up in minutes, and you can change it at any time to keep up with an ever-evolving workforce.

How to forward calls for your unique business case

There’s simple forwarding, like from one phone number to a single cell phone. But many businesses require much more sophisticated and complex call routing. CallTrackingMetrics provides the flexibility to forward incoming communications in a variety of customizable ways to make your team efficient and effective.

Schedule-based routing

Call queues provide an effective way to route calls using simple or sophisticated patterns.

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Call forwarding to groups

Distribute calls based on the location of the caller

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Full call management suite

Call recordings are a great tool for sales, training, and management

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Using SMS forwarding to stay connected

Beyond phone calls, forwarding text messages can help keep your team connected to your prospects and customers, especially those who prefer not to call. Inbound SMS messages can be routed in similar ways to calls, customized for each tracking number. Depending on preferences, we can push texts to an agent’s mobile phone, send notifications of received SMS message, route to a live chat widget for real-time communication, or trigger automated responses.

Explore Call Forwarding

See the full scope of forwarding calls and texts with a live product demo.