Never Miss a Call. Forward Calls to Any Device Around the World.

Our user-friendly software puts call forwarding completely in your control. From basic to complex call forwarding needs, you can set it up in minutes in your CallTrackingMetrics account, and you can change it at any time.

Choose to forward calls in a variety of ways:

Forward Calls Based on Your Schedule

Using our easy-to-configure scheduled routing options, you have complete control over where the calls are going at any time of the day. You can set schedules by day of week and hour of day. With schedules in place, calls can be forwarded to available agents on their mobile phone, home or office phone, or to their computer. This provides businesses with incredible flexibility for remote and distributed teams.

Forward Calls to Queues of People

Choose from a variety of routing patterns to forward your calls to queues of people in your organization. You have the option to route calls to the group simultaneously, distributed evenly, or in a specific order for each individual in the group. Call queues allow you to forward your calls to large groups at call centers and provide advanced reporting on agent call metrics, so you can keep an eye on performance by knowing who is on the phone and who is available to take calls at any moment of the day.

Forward Calls to 50+ Countries

Phone numbers you purchase in our system can be forwarded to receiving numbers globally (landline or mobile), and you can route calls to computers using CallTrackingMetrics’ browser-based softphone. Do you have employees who travel internationally? Our system completely eliminates the hassle of losing contact by easily forwarding calls to any location, as well as providing you the tools you need to change your routing at any time.

Forward Calls Based on Caller’s Location

You Have Locations All Around The Country

You Display One Number On Your Website

Person Calls That Number And Enters In Their Zip

Call Is Routed To The Closest Location

Calls Are In The Right Hands Quickly