Call Recordings

Never miss a detail with call recordings.

When running a successful business or call center, it is crucial to stay on top of customer satisfaction and the performance of your staff. Call recording provides a wealth of information.

You'll have access to historical detail about what actually happened in conversations when issues arise, giving you the tools you need to identify trends in your calls so that you can train your staff to best deal with them.  Your staff can review their own calls so that they can identify places to make adjustments. It also serves as a great historical ledger of contact information for your callers and details that someone may have forgotten to write down or log in your CRM.

Inbound and Outbound Call Recordings

As calls come into your advertising tracking numbers (or are placed outbound from your tracking numbers), you have the capability to record those conversations.

Call recordings are a great tool for sales, training, and management.

  • Never miss a detail. Call recordings allow you to revisit the conversions to double check important information like phone number, email address, order numbers, and appointment dates.
  • Provide management with insight on how their employees are handling calls and allow them to revisit problematic conversations from unhappy clients. Recordings allow them to review the conversation, better equipping them for handling the situation.
  • The call recordings never expire (for the life of the account), allowing you to revisit conversations from past dates as needed.
  • The call recordings can be configured to be automatically emailed or texted to your team.

Live Listening

Live listen allow you to listen into calls as they are occurring. This is a great management tool for training and quality checking how your team is handling calls. With live listen, you can tap into live calls without interrupting the conversation or alerting either party.


Securely record and store all phone calls. Use features like two-factor authentication to provide access to call recordings to people in your business or to your clients. Set audio-specific passwords to control access any audio files. Also, we recommend setting the links to access your audio files to expire after a designated amount of time (if you are using reporting notifications to alert clients or colleagues about calls).

Call Whispers

Call whispers are used to announce important information—such as the call being recorded—to your callers as the call is being connected. It is important to follow the laws of your state in announcing call recording to your callers and your receiving agents. Receiving party whispers can announce call recording to your agents, and they are also a great way to alert your staff of the advertising source of the call, providing them with insight on the caller before they are connected. The receiving party whispers are only heard by agents answering the call, while the caller will hear ringing while the call is connected.

Call Recordings and Notifications

Notifications are custom designed reports that can be emailed or text messaged after a call is completed or on a schedule. For example all the calls for a day, week or month. Notifications give you the option to include the call recording and or/transcriptions in your reports. Having the call recordings emailed or texted is a great way to stay on top of things while working remotely or traveling.


With call recording enabled, you can also enable transcriptions of your calls so that you can read the log of the call instead of listening to the recording. It is a great way to quickly scan the contents of a conversation and pick up on issues that may have arisen. CallTrackingMetrics' voice analytics technology can automatically scan those conversation transcriptions for you, looking for the presence of certain keywords, and then automatically alert you when certain patterns are identified.