Voice Menus (IVR)

Voice menus allow the caller to use keypresses for quick routing to the correct place

IVR menus provide callers with clear options so that they can get to the right person to help them quickly and give a polished, organized feel to the call-in experience. IVR menus can often take the place of live agents answering the phones, so that they may remain focused on engaging customers and solving problems instead of transferring calls.

What are IVR menus?

Interactive voice response (IVR) menus interact with callers through either the use of voice or keypresses. IVR menus typically present callers with a series of options to route them to the correct person or department before the caller is connected with a live person.

IVR menus are easy to set up, completely customizable, and can be updated at any time. These menus come with a variety of options:

  • Choose which tracking phone numbers should ring to each voice menu
  • Use Speech Recognition to allow callers to speak in order to select a menu option rather than making a keypress
  • Customize the greeting that callers hear by uploading or creating your own recording or using our text-to-speech engine with various voices to choose from
  • Choose actionable triggers with each keypress, including:

As each call comes in, you will see which voice menus they encountered and which keypresses they entered. Reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis shows calls broken down by the most common paths followed and keypresses entered.


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