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Achieve the maximum value, with the fastest resolution, and with the greatest satisfaction — all in the shortest time. Smart Routing allows businesses to route calls based on the caller's online activity, their history with your company, or their demographic information.

For example, calls from people who have visited particular pages of a business website could be routed to a certain group of agents with expertise in that area. Or callers with a particular set of demographics, such as age, household income, marital status, or gender could be routed to agents best suited for those callers.

Smart routing helps increase conversions, customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency within call centers. Consistent with CallTrackingMetrics's other routing options, the smart router is easily accessed through a simple rules-based interface to set up many different configurations and change them at any time.

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Get calls into the right hands quickly by combining smart routing with our other services

Route your inbound calls to groups of agents based on schedule, weighting, skill, and more.

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Distribute calls based on the location of the caller.

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Call recordings are a great tool for sales, training, and management.

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Endless possibilities and a simple interface allow you to quickly create new routing scenarios specific to your business.