Virtual Voicemail

Virtual Voicemail Boxes Save Costs and Increase Response Time

Eliminate the need to have each agent or employee check voicemail on their actual device.

Create virtual voicemail boxes where callers can use keypress options to leave messages for the team or for specific people.

Messages show up right in the call log alongside other calls.

Messages are recorded and stored indefinitely, and you can even transcribe them and have them emailed to you each time a new one is received.

CallTrackingMetrics' voice menu (IVR) technology allows you to decide exactly what happens when callers press certain keypresses. One great way to use the menus is to allow callers to leave a message for a particular person or department when the party they are trying to reach can't answer their call.

You record your own greeting (or use one of our text-to-speech voices) and you can have an unlimited number of virtual voicemail boxes, so that each person in your office can have their own.  Voicemail boxes can be associated to particular tracking numbers so you can have different configurations for each marketing channel. For example, you may want your website callers to hear one set of options and your radio callers to hear a different set.

No need for answering machines on your phones anymore!

Each time you receive a message in your virtual voicemail box, you can:

  • See it in your call log
  • Listen to the recording or read the transcriptions of your messages in the call log
  • Call people back right from the log using the Softphone
  • Enter notes about the call
  • Have the system track which calls have been returned
  • Receive an alert via email or SMS with the message

Many customers set up reporting notifications in the system so that when voicemails are left, the individual or group of people that the message was for can be alerted via email or text message. You can choose to not only have a direct link to the recording of the message in the notification, but also include the transcription of the message.

Virtual voicemail boxes are available on all of our plans and are a great way to eliminate expense and increase response time in your organization.