Advertisement says "Text us at 123-4567 if you would like to schedule a showing."

Text message received in CTM real-time text log.

Automatic response sent to sender confirming receipt and next steps.

You receive instant text alert about the inquiry so you can wow them with follow-through.

Many U.S. tracking numbers can be enabled to receive and send text messages. Text messaging can often be a faster, more effective communication method for various products and advertising channels. It is particularly useful in traditional advertising channels like newspapers, magazines, and radio. CallTrackingMetrics offers one of the only call tracking software services that tracks all text communication in conjunction with your advertising call tracking.

You can choose to set up a variety of automatic actions that CallTrackingMetrics will take when you receive text messages, such as:

  • Send an automatic text response to the sender that is customized to what they sent in their text message. For example, if they are interested in a particular property you are selling, you can ask CallTrackingMetrics to look for that in the text message and include the upcoming open house date for that property in the text response. Imagine the possibilities.
  • Send an automatic email alerting recipients about the text.
  • Forward the text message to other cell phones. Are you always working from the road? This is a great way to immediately see each incoming text message so that you can respond quickly.

All of your text communication is tracked and reported in CallTrackingMetrics. You will know the advertisement that generated the text message so that you can allocate your advertising dollars effectively.

CallTrackingMetrics also offers bulk text messaging capabilities, including:

  • The ability to send recurring bulk text messages.
  • Scheduling texts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • The ability to send up to 800 characters at a time (messages will still have 160 character limit, per individual text).

Text messaging campaigns are a great way to connect and engage with prospects. CTM provides important tracking and reporting features alongside texts to help agencies gain complete visibility into campaign performance.