HIPAA-Compliant Conversation Analytics

CallTrackingMetrics provides HIPAA-compliant call tracking and conversation analytics, enabling healthcare marketers to deliver personalized patient experiences, with privacy in mind.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Care with Conversation Analytics Tools

CallTrackingMetrics allows healthcare professionals to gain actionable insights from customer interactions across calls, texts, and chats, all while maintaining privacy. Marketing teams can confidently make data-backed advertising decisions and track every conversation touchpoint, while customer care teams are empowered with technology to improve the patient experience.


Connect the Dots Across your Patient’s Journey, Securely

360 Degree View
Capture attribution data, including marketing channel, ad, keyword, and website visitor data to see which campaigns are driving engagement.

Secure Notifications
CallTrackingMetrics provides the ability to customize notifications so that specific fields containing PHI can be removed to prevent the distribution of sensitive information.

Better Customer Care
Audio recordings can have multiple layers of security with designated logins and secondary pins, allowing managers to securely review calls for coaching purposes.

Built-in Security Features
And, unlike other call tracking providers, we do not require that customers purchase a special HIPAA plan, because we’ve built those security options into our existing plans.

Powerful CRM Integrations
CallTrackingMetrics also integrates with top CRM platforms, like Salesforce, making it easy to share data with the tools your teams are already using, every day.

What Our Customers are Saying  One set of quotation marks.

Ben Kaneaiakala, CEO, Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health Care Services

“Call tracking is essential for any business that wants control over their marketing ROI, and also quality assurance and training of call agents. We have saved a significant amount of marketing dollars on campaigns that were not working.”

Chris Foust, Director of Marketing, Journey Pure

“The platform gives you so many metrics to begin measuring future performance against. It’s given us so many new goals—reducing rings, call times, and wait times. And it’s so easy to experiment with new workflows and pivot quickly. Honestly, I can’t say loudly enough how great CTM’s platform and support is.”

Kelly Frazer Johnson, Healthcare Marketing Consultant, Crystal Lake Marketing

“The data they provide has helped my clients maximize their marketing spend on the tactics that provide the most qualified leads. I attribute some of my success as a growth marketer to the data and analytics we get from CallTrackingMetrics.”

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