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AB Tasty

Enhance your website’s personalization with call tracking data

Improve your website’s performance and deliver a more personalized customer experience

Gain greater insight into how and when customers contact you and convert with CTM and use that data to optimize your website for clicks and tailor the user experience in AB Tasty. 

What is AB Tasty?

AB Tasty is an AI-driven experimentation, personalization, and product optimization tool that leverages the data gathered from calls, texts, chats, and form fills in CallTrackingMetrics to inform your web strategy and drive sales. Data automatically syncs over to AB Tasty so you can quickly tweak your pages for ongoing, enhanced performance.

How does the AB Tasty + CTM integration benefit my business?

Gain a bird’s-eye view into web performance and how it impacts your customer conversations.

  • Pull data from CTM’s omnichannel communication tools to inform the optimizations you make to your site pages with AB Tasty
  • Empower agents with more information about a customer’s specific site history before contacting you to tailor the conversation

Within CTM, you can also view a customer’s AB Tasty testing history. This allows agents answering phone calls to reference which experiment or version of a page a customer was viewing while interacting with them in order to tailor the conversation.

How does the AB Tasty + CTM integration work? 

To enjoy the benefits of the AB Tasty and CTM integration, you will create a trigger within CTM to send hits into AB Tasty, which identifies when activities have taken place, such as a phone call or live chat interaction.

Once configured, you can then query this data within AB Tasty’s Data Explorer. Agents within CTM will be able to view what experiment a customer was shown under the Session Data tab under a contact within the activity log.

This integration is available to users of our Marketing Pro and Sales Engage plans. Learn how to review your current plan or upgrade your subscription.