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Google Forms

Enable better selling with customizable real-time call scripts

Give your team the tools to gather crucial data points in real-time with robust call scripts generated by Google Forms

What is Google Forms?

A free online form and survey builder made to effortlessly collect and analyze data. As a part of Google Workspace, custom responses can be synced directly into Google Sheets or easily shared with collaborators and stakeholders.

How does the Google Forms + CTM integration benefit my business?

Avoid data inconsistencies and gaps by giving your team a guided approach to collecting required information on live phone calls. Call scripts inside CallTrackingMetrics allow for customized and dynamic collection during conversations. Combining that functionality with Google Forms allows your team to build, collect, and analyze inside the Google tools you’re likely already familiar with.

How does the Google Forms + CTM integration work? 

Our call scripts feature allows for the upload of Google Forms to provide guided response collection during live calls. The integration only requires a quick copy and paste to begin gathering important details on every sales and customer interaction.


  • Build your form in Google Forms
  • Copy the HTML embed link in the sharing settings
  • Paste that link into the call script settings in CallTrackingMetrics