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Combine call data with your Kissmetrics behavioral analytics

Grow more customers with the power of Kissmetrics and CallTrackingMetrics

Incorporate calls into behavioral analytics.

What is Kissmetrics?

Kissmetrics is a person-based analytics product that works by pooling your online data with your offline data to reveal every touchpoint a visitor has with your company, both before and after each purchase.

How does the Kissmetrics + CTM integration benefit my business?

Not only will you have a larger pool of online and offline customer data, but you will get the ROI of your marketing efforts by monitoring various pre-defined reports about your audience segments.

How does the Kissmetrics + CTM integration work? 

Once you create your Kissmetrics account, you can link it to your CallTrackingMetrics account to view inbound calls alongside all of your other real-time activities.