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A single system for your EMR needs

Provide better care with a fully-integrated EMR platform built by clinicians.

What is Lightning Step?

Lightning Step is a fully-integrated Electronic Medical Records platform (EMR) built by a group of successful treatment facility directors and clinicians.

With Lightning Step, users are able to track all referrals to admissions, chart patient progress, send out insurance claims, and collect payments. This powerful EMR software removes the pain points of using multiple platforms by putting all the pieces under a single efficient system — for one single price. Give your call agents the tools they need to spend less time behind a screen, and more time doing what they do best–saving the day.

How does the Lightning Step + CTM integration benefit my business?

When integrated with CallTrackingMetrics, Lightning Step users gain access to a more robust call center platform that will allow their admissions team to not only track every call but also capture detailed demographics about patients on the first inquiry. 

How does the Lightning Step + CTM integration work, and what are the benefits? 

Lightning Step automates key demographic data from every caller through CallTrackingMetrics instead of having to manually enter each new phone number, name, and source of call into the EMR.

This integration was built by Lightning Step via the CallTrackingMetrics API and is available on all CallTrackingMetrics plans.