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Send call data into MarinOne alongside online conversions

Deliver cohesive campaigns across multiple channels and devices

Optimize your MarinOne campaigns with critical call data.

What is MarinOne?

MarinOne is a paid search, social, and eCommerce advertising optimization platform run by Marin Software, a leading digital marketing software provider.

How does the MarinOne + CTM integration benefit my business?

MarinOne harnesses the power and insight of all your ad channels and data sources, allowing you to deliver cohesive campaigns in order to reach your audiences throughout the buying cycle. 

By leveraging best-of-breed marketing applications connected through Marin’s open, cross-channel platform, it’s never been easier to synchronously create and target precise, powerful, and highly valuable audience segments based on buyer intent while gaining meaningful performance insights across your entire digital marketing program.

How does the MarinOne + CTM integration work? 

By incorporating CallTrackingMetrics call data into the Marin reporting system, calls appear alongside online conversions so you can truly optimize your campaigns around the results that matter.