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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Dynamic number insertion (DNI) for fast loading AMP pages

There’s no need to compromise on functionality for the sake of page speed

Unlock the full benefits of attribution through DNI on your AMP-powered mobile pages.

What is AMP?

The Google-led AMP project is an open-source initiative, enabling the creation of websites and ads that load near instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile and desktop. Essentially, AMP is a lightweight version of HTML designed to drastically speed up page load and ultimately make web pages more user-friendly on mobile devices.

How does the AMP + CTM integration benefit my business?

The lightweight nature of AMP’s structure results in the stripping out of some advanced functionality typically present in standard webpages. One piece of advanced functionality that gets stripped is call tracking. With the AMP integration, we can implement number swapping on the stripped-down pages while maintaining a focus on speed.

How does the AMP + CTM integration work?

Instead of our standard tracking code for your main site’s DNI, an AMP call tracking tag is created in your CallTrackingMetrics account. Copying and pasting this tag and short script into your AMP site’s code will allow CTM to dynamically swap out your site’s number for a tracking number and give you access to rich attribution and conversation analytics.