Monkey Learn

Visualize and analyze your customer communications

Customizable dashboards and workflows powered by call recordings and transcriptions

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers. 

What is MonkeyLearn?

A platform designed to visualize your customer feedback with reporting and machine learning for text analytics and audience insights.

How does the MonkeyLearn + CTM integration benefit my business?

Both CallTrackingMetrics and MonkeyLearn are designed to get you closer to your audience and make marketing, sales, and customer experience decisions based on those insights. With the two tools working together, you’ll have multiple perspectives, combining human analysis, automation, and artificial intelligence.

How does the MonkeyLearn + CTM integration work? 

With a simple API key from MonkeyLearn, CallTrackingMetrics will feed your account with call recordings and transcriptions. MonkeyLearn’s platform will transform our conversation analytics into visual charts, word clouds, and more for a different POV for analysis.