Deliver Better Patient Care

Unified behavioral health software

Deliver better patient care with Sunwave Health.

What is Sunwave Health?

Sunwave Health is a one-of-a-kind technology platform purpose-built for substance abuse treatment facilities. Sunwave Health’s unified platform includes CRM, EMR, RCM, Alumni, Patient Engagement, and Telehealth modules – giving you a tool to manage all of your operations alongside a 360° view of the patient lifecycle. 

What is the benefit of the Sunwave Health + CTM integration?

With powerful reporting across one data source, you can make informed decisions and optimize treatment, leading to more successful recoveries and better patient care.

How does the Sunwave Health + CTM integration work? 

Integrating with Sunwave Health allows you to seamlessly connect the CTM Softphone to your Sunwave CRM in order to track and run reports on calls within a single system.

To leverage this integration, users must be on a CallTrackingMetrics Growth or Connect plan.