Unified Communications

Track all your channels on one platform

Engage with Calls, Texts, Forms, and Chats

Align teams around every customer interaction

All of your conversations on just about any channel can be carried through CallTrackingMetrics. Manage calls, texts, chats, and form submissions in a single UCaaS platform to understand your user’s full journey from lead to customer.

Different teams can access and share data seamlessly when you unify your organization with CallTrackingMetrics. Analyze the content of calls, texts, chats, and forms to capture detailed data and give your team guidance on how they can grow revenue and better support your customers.

Get rid of unnecessary tools

Eliminate the need for additional tools and shrink your software spend by using CallTrackingMetrics to run and analyze all of your communications. You can reduce your software budget while increasing profits by focusing on the marketing campaigns that are actually working.

Go Beyond the Phone Call

Leverage chats, forms, and texts to engage leads quickly

Today’s customers aren’t always willing to pick up the phone to talk to a business, which is why an omnichannel communications strategy is essential. Because our software tracks chats, texts, and form submissions in addition to calls, we make it easy for you to interact with customers in their preferred method of communication. Take your strategy to the next level by utilizing our automated tools which can generate instant communications back to your customers as soon as they contact you.

Click-to-Call Forms

Our native FormReactor® tool can be embedded on any website to allow customers to submit a form to contact you. Associate website visitors with form submissions and set up your form to connect to your prospect as soon as they submit, such as generating a personalized text or immediate call from a team member.

Text Message Communications

Integrate text messaging into your advertising efforts for faster, more effective communication with customers. Set up bulk SMS or MMS campaigns with unique personalization features and track your performance with our advanced reporting tools. Customers who receive texts from businesses tend to have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who do not.

Discover how one of our leading franchise clients uses texting automation to set up appointments and engage leads as soon as they indicate interest in their service.

Short Codes

Get your message out to a larger audience more quickly. Short codes (5 to 6 digit phone numbers that only send SMS or MMS messages) allow you to contact up to 100 people simultaneously. Plus, their short length makes it easy for customers to remember and reach out long after seeing an advertisement.

Live Chat

With live chat, you give your support team the tools to work more efficiently and deliver instant, real-time service for your customers in their moment of need. Customers enjoy reduced wait-times and the ability to multitask while getting a more personalized experience.

Communicate with CallTrackingMetrics

Mobilize your workforce with our tools

Route inbound and outbound calls to your staff, no matter where they’re based, and eliminate the need for complicated handheld phone systems. Our platform and tools can be accessed from anywhere in the world, thanks to our cloud-based softphone and powerful mobile apps, available for iPhone and Android. Stay current with push notifications and activity alerts that can appear even when your mobile screen is locked.

  • Remote workers in the field can contact clients with secure, trackable messaging
  • Franchisors can easily build and replicate IVR menus and queues for franchisees

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