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CallTrackingMetrics call tracking services allow me to show my clients exactly how many leads we pull in, as well as important internal statistics such as our cost per conversion. This was my biggest problem. I could have used any call tracking, but wanted to provide my clients a higher quality marketing. I am happy that I chose CallTrackingMetrics and will most likely stay with them until the end.

The robust features that pulled me in to begin with just keep getting better and better. Also, they have fantastic support and very good documentation. One of the main things I needed was integration with Analytics and Adwords to track conversions. At least at the time, CTM was the only provider with these features. Still, such features as their direct-to-call lead form (FormReactor) is really top notch and not available anywhere else that I know of. Also, I really like the javascript that switches the phone number depending on the source of the visitor. That really makes tracking across paid advertising, organic, social media and whatever else really easy.

Call Tracking Metrics has been crucial in our “Pay-Per-Lead” campaigns.  Because our clients only pay when a lead comes in, it’s important that every call is logged and communicated to the client.  CTM’s uses technology that tracks exactly how the call came in (organic, paid, etc) and then forwards the call.  If the client doesn’t pick up, the caller is forwarded to a built in voice mail.  Either way, the contact information is then forwarded to the client via text AND email so they can get back to the client right away.  Overall, it does everything we need to track our leads and get the leads into our client’s hands.  It also costs much less than a live answering service.

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