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Performance Plan Features and Pricing

An attribution-focused plan to fill in data gaps so you can optimize campaigns with confidence.

Jump right into more informed marketing campaigns

Track and attribute all online and offline leads, across multiple platforms

Our Performance plan is designed with all the essentials you’ll need to discover which ads campaigns, keywords, and pages drive the most leads and highest-value conversions. Enjoy a base plan with premium features like call recording, routing, and scoring so you can optimize the best-performing campaigns, confidently prove ROI, and set up both your sales and marketing teams for success.

$36/Per Month

Billed Yearly + additional usage fees

  • Unlimited users
  • Attribute calls and texts to their source
  • Standard call recording, forwarding, and IVR routing
  • Manage inbound and outbound text campaigns
  • API access and integrations with Google and Microsoft
  • Access to knowledge base, training library, and ticket hub
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Analytics and Reporting

Real-time and custom reporting to dive deeper into the attribution and conversation analytics coming from your marketing efforts. Get firsthand insights from your customer interactions to optimize campaigns, and get more from your advertising without increasing spend.

Accurate Attribution

Our tracking numbers and dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology unlock the online actions driving offline leads and conversions. Discover what keywords your customers are searching for, what channels they find you on, and which ones deliver the highest-value.

Core Integrations

Native integrations with key tools like Google Analytics and Bing make it easy to sync your data. Performance plan integrations include preset options so you can focus on getting started with call tracking and not on the details.

Why Choose our Performance Plan? 

Our Performance plan comes loaded with robust attribution and lead management features and free unlimited users you’d expect from a competitor’s more advanced plan. It’s the perfect plan for marketers looking to get started with call tracking and enjoy digging through data for insights. It’s also great for:

  • Small businesses looking to scale
  • Tracking results of one-off campaigns
  • Recording calls for sales team coaching

Need more flexibility to strategize and customize your approach?

Check out our Growth plan to unlock even more value and options

Supercharge everything you love about the Performance plan with customizable triggers to automate your lead scoring, tagging, and conversion rules. Plus, the Growth plan comes with reduced usage rates, live support, premium marketing integrations, and a free sub-account structure to align your strategy around multiple clients, teams, or locations.

Not sold yet on the Performance plan?

 Let’s get your questions answered and give you an inside look at the features with a live product demo.