A New Podcast to Inspire Your Business's Path Forward

The Smart Route podcast is all about capturing that essence of innovation and charting the unique journeys that business owners take. With a focus on customer storytelling and connecting with industry thought leaders to discuss innovative ideas at the intersection of marketing, customer experience, and sales, our hope is the Smart Route podcast will inspire the listener's business’s journey forward.


Things Have Changed: Digital Growth in the B2B Space

B2B brand loyalty centers around one thing–unified digital customer experiences. This month we sat down with Marc Waldeck of Brave New Markets, to understand “digital growth” and how it applies to customer acquisition and retention. Marc shares tips on how to get started with your own digital growth strategy along with technology recommendations and best practices to drive results.

The Value of Third Party Reviews with G2’s Mike Buscemi

Reviews can have such a huge impact on businesses large and small. This month we asked Mike Buscemi, a leader of relationship management at G2, to share the value of third party reviews and best practices for businesses looking for reputation management solutions. We cover trending topics like managing negative customer reviews, getting started with review management at your organization, knowing when to ask customers to submit a review, and more!

Building A Successful Mentorship Program: Investing In The Future of Your Employees

In this month's episode, we chat with two of our own about building the CallTrackingMetrics Mentorship Program and its impact on the organization.

Consensual Conversations: Building Customer Trust With First Party Data

In our latest Smart Route episode, we connected with veteran PPC expert Navah Hopkins to learn more about the recent changes regarding third party cookies and data sharing policies.

From Agency Expert to CEO: The Journey of Digital Entrepreneur Aaron Weiche

In our latest Smart Route episode, we connected with CEO and co-founder of Leadferno Aaron Weiche to learn more about his unique career path.



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Courtney Tyson has spent her career in the media and SaaS worlds, collaborating with marketers and communicators at top corporations and brands. Her passion is partnering with our clients to best understand their business objectives and personal wins in order to help drive success.