Manage paid campaigns with complete visibility into call conversions

Give strategists and machine learning the conversion data to make a real impact

Manage and optimize your paid campaigns with decisions based on the full picture.

What is Acquisio?

Acquisio is a globally-recognized hub for AI-powered solutions in search, social, and display advertising. Their software helps digital agencies, brand marketers, and local search engine marketing (SEM) resellers get results and scale advertising campaigns.

How does the Acquisio + CTM integration benefit my business?

Connecting CallTrackingMetrics with Acquisio helps you manage paid media campaigns with complete visibility into call performance, allowing the details of each call to be reviewed in the Acquisio Report Center. Fuel AI workflows with accurate conversion data and conversation analytics.

How does the Acquisio + CTM integration work?

Users have the ability to trigger actions based on calls so that bids are only placed on calls that are most likely to convert. Additionally, you may set and track key performance indicators and automate reporting using Acquisio’s white label-ready templates.

Standard call details sent to Acquisio include:

  • Time of call
  • Call duration
  • Caller number and location
  • Device type
  • A link to the call recording