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Share conversation data from CallTrackingMetrics with Adobe Analytics

Share visitor-level data from CallTrackingMetrics with Adobe Analytics

TA Digital, in partnership with CTM, created a new launch extension that analyzes conversations and sends CTM data into Adobe Analytics.

This TA Digital-designed extension for Adobe Analytics helps users identify which marketing campaigns are driving qualified leads and conversions by allowing users to share conversation data from CallTrackingMetrics with Adobe Analytics.

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is software that helps customers act on data insights gleaned from the tool’s customer data reports, visuals, and analyses.

What is TA Digital? 

TA Digital is a leading 360-degree digital agency that works with clients to optimize messaging across all channels, provide seamless customer experiences, and deliver measurable results for your business.

How does the CTM + Adobe Analytics integration work?

This data connection passes the Adobe Analytics Visitor ID (ECID) parameter to CallTrackingMetrics in real time. You can import several fields from CallTrackingMetrics’ activity log and leverage this data in your Adobe Analytics interface. These fields include data points such as:

  • Keyword/search query
  • Campaign
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Ad content
  • Talk time
  • Geographic location
  • Time of day
  • And more

In order to take advantage of this new extension, users must have both an active CallTrackingMetrics plan (Marketing Pro , Sales Engage, or Enterprise) and an Adobe Launch integration. You can access this integration directly in the Adobe Exchange App Marketplace.