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Deliver a seamless Drift chat experience with CTM

Connect teams and customers through personalized chat conversations

Drift is a leading AI chat tool that helps marketing, sales, and customer teams connect with customers through personalized conversations.

How does the Drift + CTM integration benefit my business?

With CTM’s Drift integration you’ll be able to deliver exceptional, personalized customer chat experiences. Our integration allows your agents to engage with customers on your site in real-time using Drift, and manage those conversations within one unified activity log in CallTrackingMetrics.

Eliminate the need for agents to switch back and forth between multiple platforms to manage customer conversations. Do it all by leveraging the Drift UI on your site and streamlining your team’s ability to respond to chats, phone calls, texts, and form fills within CTM.

Key benefits of the Drift integration

  • Maintain the Drift UI and chat experience on your site, and leverage CTM’s activity log to manage all of your customer conversations in one place.
  • Empower agents to personalize the interaction with insights from CallTrackingMetrics around visitor path and history with your company.

How does the Drift + CTM integration work? 

Connect your Drift account to CTM in order to route Drift chats into a CTM chat flow. A Question/Response scenario will need to be set up within Drift in order to route the chats to CTM properly. From there, your chats will automatically populate within the CTM activity log for your agents to manage alongside other customer interactions. Drift works seamlessly with our Sales Engage and Enterprise plans.

To learn more about setting up the integration, visit our Knowledge Base.