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Streamline customer communication between Facebook Messenger and CTM chat

Power your omnichannel strategy with Facebook Messenger

Increase customer loyalty and engagement with our Facebook Messenger integration.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a simple messaging app that helps businesses drive brand awareness and enable better communication with customers. And, with an audience reach of over 1.3 billion, Facebook Messenger is an essential customer acquisition and loyalty tool for businesses.

How does the Facebook Messenger + CTM integration benefit my business?

When you connect CallTrackingMetrics Chat with Facebook Messenger your team can respond to messages from prospects and customers in real-time, without ever leaving CallTrackingMetrics. 

Whether your company is using Facebook Messenger for advertising campaigns or as an inbound communication channel, incoming messages can be viewed and responded to directly from the CTM activity log.

How does the Facebook Messenger + CTM integration work? 

  • A prospect clicks into a message from an ad on Facebook or messages your company from your company’s Facebook page.
  • Your team sees the new Facebook message in the CTM activity log, and an agent responds in real-time.
  • The prospect views the response and can continue the conversation via Facebook Messenger.

This integration enhances the omnichannel experience by giving customers and prospects another communication method to engage with your business where and when they want. You can also customize and automate responses so that your team never misses a conversation, even outside of business hours.

The Facebook Messenger integration is available through both our Growth and Connect plans.