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Build an all-star sales team with enhanced customer insights

Robust speech analytics from your customer conversations

Enhance the customer insights you need to build an all-star sales team.

What is Gong?

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that empowers you with an unfiltered view of what’s going on in your sales pipeline via conversation insights.

How does the Gong + CTM integration benefit my business?

Gong integrates with CallTrackingMetrics to pull real-time audio insights from conversations between your customers and sales reps. You can deliver data from your CallTrackingMetrics call recordings into Gong to drill down on the key questions your customers are asking, which ad channels are contributing to qualified conversations, and map out the essential touchpoints that lead to conversions. You’ll achieve better performance tracking and efficiently analyze and dissect call recordings for quality assurance.

With our Gong + CTM integration, you can supplement the detailed marketing insight and lead reporting that you get from CTM by sending audio from your calls into Gong to quickly pick out points of interest in customer conversations, such as questions asked, action items committed to, and more. 

Link Gong to your CRM so that CTM calls can update activity milestones on a deal and allow you to review a list of your top customer opportunities. You can also see at a glance the last touchpoint for each.

How does the Gong + CTM integration work? 

To enjoy the benefits of the Gong and CTM integration, you will need to enable either Dual Channel call recordings or Transcriptions within CTM (an additional per-minute fee applies) and create a Trigger to send your call recordings into Gong (included on Growth and Connect plans).

Since Gong already integrates with Zoom, Google Suite, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many other platforms, adding your CTM calls to this ecosystem will mean every interaction is analyzed.