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Maximize ROI and incorporate call data into the Skai platform (formerly Kenshoo)

Maximize efficiencies and optimize customer lifetime value with call data

Maximize the ROI on marketing investments by incorporating call data into Skai.

What is Skai?

Skai, formerly Kenshoo and Signal Analytics, is an omnichannel marketing platform for connected media, data intelligence, measurement, and marketing insights. The Skai suite simplifies cross-channel campaign management and optimization, helping ensure the best possible return on marketing investments. Skai helps its clients gain visibility at each stop on the customer journey, right up through conversions.

How does the Skai + CTM integration work? 

CallTrackingMetrics sends call data into Skai, providing another layer of insight into the metrics that matter most to your business. Customers are able to maximize the ROI on their marketing investments by incorporating call data into the Skai platform.

This integration is available on our Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, and Enterprise plans.